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The Evansville History Quiz
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What year did Evansville become a city?

Name five Indian tribes that lived in the Evansville area.

What was the depth of the floodwater at the corner of Washington and Kentucky avenues on Jan 31, 1937?

What product kept Sterling brewery profitable during prohibition?

What was Willard Caprenter's dream to build on Reitz Hill?

What does Josef Stalin's daughter, Svetlana, have in common with Evansville?

Evansville is thought to have been the first city in the country to have what in its schools?

During World War II what other police force could be found on Evansville's streets?

What did truck drivers driving through Evansville call "The Chicken Coop"?

Why was Evansville's red light district called "Gear Town"?

Why was it necessary to change the wheels on every train coming north from Kentucky or going south to Nashville?

What new technology became available in Evansville in 1882?

What did Willis Copeland build in 1903?

What did F.J. Scholz manufacture in one of the most extensive businesses of its kind in the midwest?

What civil war hotel was located at 3rd and Main?

What happened in 1938 to help bring Evansville out of the Depression?

Who invented and secured a patent for the common bottlecap?

How many men from Vanderburgh county fought for the Federals in the Civil War?

Who is best known for beginning his career in the Blue Bar?

What engineering feat did L&N Railraod accomplish in 1885?

Who was the first mayor of Evansville?

What Evansville Newspaper ceased publication with the issue giving the account of Lincoln's death?

How many time was Arad McCutchan named ICC "Coach of the Year?"

In 1910 what coverted 30 area west of Pigeon Creek on Maryland street?

Who was the editor of "The Evansville Courier" who promoted improved schools and parks?

In what year did Drive-In theaters appear in Evansville?

Where was Slaughters Avenue?

In what year did Evansville residents begin playing golf?

In 1955, what store on the walkway was 'The Wife Saver' store?

What local figure was the Minster to China?

How did Evansville lose its Wharf?

What high school did fashion designer Halston attend?

What does Mater Dei mean?

Who was Evansville most famous woman?

In what year did the first student graduate from a high school in Evansville?

What uncompleted building burned on Christmas Eve 1855?

In what park where animals first displayed in Evansville?

What was Riverside drive formerly called?

What was the Belmont Disaster?

What local killer's trial led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling balancing free-press and fair-trial rights?

What was distinctive about Vine St., Clark, Governor and Douglas high schools?

What west side city was annexed by Evansville in 1857.

What local sports figure became the announcer of the Kentucky Derby?

How many growing days does Evansville have?

How many years did the Wabash Erie Canal operate?

What was unusual about the children's barber chair in Strouses'?

What vaudville comedian never failed to mention his old home town Evansville in his act and movies?

What was "The Pitts?"

What is the oldest road in the Evansville city limits?

What Evansville golfer won the 1944 PGA?

What was destroyed in a roaring inferno on Jan 31st, 1946?

What was the name of the amusement park located in East Morgan avenue?

What chocolate animals were a Christmas traditon at Hermann's Candy Store?

What Evansville citizen was the first to attend Indiana State University?

What was the first brick building in Evansville?

What local figure was the national leader of the Klu Klux Klan?

When did the first electric generating plant start in Evansville?

What theater was destroyed by fire in 1926?

Who was the first woman editor of the Evansville Sunday Courier and Press?

What was the first high school west of Alleghenys?

What were "The Simplicty" and the "Travler"?

Who was the first school teacher in Evansville?

What area was known as "The English Settlement?"

Who was Evansville's College first All-American basketball player?

What television station first broadcast the news in color?

What happened to the LST Shipyard?

Where did Theordore Roosevelt speak in Evansville?

Why did gypsies make an annual pilgrimage to Evansville?

How many square blocks were under flooded in the 1937 flood?

What year was Lowe's Victory Theater completed?

What was WEHT's channel prior to 25?

In the 1930's what did Weinbach Avenue and Barker Avenue have in common?

What did soap manufacturer Adolph Melzer jr.leave to the city of Evansville?

Who was ISUE's first basketball coach?

What did "Free the Eagle" refer to?

Where was Evansville's only public roller coaster?

What was Welborn Hospitals first name?

When was St. Boniface church on Wabash avenue built?

In what decade was "Good Times Ahead for Evansville" made popular?

What year was the Evansville Race Riot?

Who was Anchor Industries World's largest flag dedicated to?

Before Oak Hill cemetery, where was Evansville's burial ground?

What pro sport did Central H. S. grad Dr. Ralph Wilson participate in 1930?

What pioneer village to the east, now a ghost town, was an early rival of Evansville?

What crime did Huch McGary's father commit?

How did Jack McLean end his sport show?

What large institution west of Evansville provided treatment for patients with tuberculosis?

What Rex Mundi football player went on to national fame?

What Civil War encampment was located on the old fairground on the riverfront?

What man from Evansville was one of the first three americans killed in WWI and where is he buried?

Which hotel had "The Rose Room?

What railroad baron lived in Evansville?

Evansville is located just north of what famous 'line'?

What was Evansville first private hospital?

Hoosier Cardinal was a pioneer in the manufacture of what industry?

When was a fire department established?

Who was the first black doctor in Evansville?

What company made the first farm tractors in the United States?

Where was the first jail located?

How long is the Ohio River?

What pair of rare animals(the only two in captivity) were at Mesker Zoo?

When was Evansville first museum established?

What was the name of the hospital for blacks?

In what year were Evansville high schools completely segregated?

What year did the Evansville Philharmonic established?

Why did evansville schools have recesses?

What year was the first commercial flight from Evansville to Chicago?

Where was the Sunshine Coal Mine located?

Why was there a riot in 1865?

What year was the L&N Railroad station built?

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